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UCTAA Clergy Resource Site

This site is intended as an information exchange for clergy ordained through The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic (UCTAA), The Worldwide Church of Agnostics (WCA), or by senior clergy of those organizations. If you surfed here looking for information on the Church or on Agnosticism in general, we suggest you first visit the Church's main site at:

As for Church Clergy, this is your site, intended as a resource to assist you in whatever range of clerical duties you choose to take on. However, the information here is only as good as you collectively make it. The site depends on you to provide feedback, content, recommendations and the benefit of your experience.

So if you have any recommendations or additional material for the site, please submit using the contact form.


22 August 2018: A new wedding ceremony added.

4 March 2017: (long, long time between updates) Marriage information for Alabama added; section added on terminology - or the honorifics clergy may use.

13 June 2013: New marriage ceremony added; marriage authorities amended to show Indiana's lack of a registration requirement for officiants.

14 November 2012: Information pages for Bishops and for Matriarchs/Patriarchs updated.

24 October 2012: Some long outdated information deleted. New contact form specific to this site added.

6 March 2009: Two very nice business card designs added, designed by Jo Herndon

31 August 2009: Broken link fixed for a secular wedding ceremony, information added on Oregon authority to conduct marriages. Chat link (above) corrected.

29 May 2006: Three more marriage ceremonies added; site moved to

24 November 2005: Information added to State regulations for NYC and Wisconsin. Also, a new marriage ceremony has been added.

19 September 2005: The latest information for State regulations on registration and licensure procedures to officiate at marriage ceremonies has been added.

28 August 2005 - A set of high quality graphics is now available.

4 July 2005 - Update to summary of marriage authority page, additional handouts and revision of printing instruction for the brochure on the Advocacy page.

15 January 2005 - Some minor revisions to the Bishops and the Matriarchs & Patriarchs pages.

5 January 2005 - Bishops page updated.

11 December 2004 - Mini-maintenance update to correct contact info

19 January 2004 - Updated to reflect current organizational status on this main page. There will be no further updates, except to correct errors. Responsibility for Clergy support has been turned over

18 Jan 2003 - 30 Jan 2003 - (ongoing) a series of updates to bring this site in line with the new realities re: organization

26 Dec 2002 - Updated to reflect changes during the (hopefully temporary) loss of our host

3 Aug 2002 - Contacts updated, Ringless marriage ceremony added, marriage authority info for Michigan added.

30 Apr 2002 - Marriage authority information added for Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

28 Apr 2002 - Profile links added on contacts page. Please submit your profile.

17 Feb 2002 - Pastoral duties section (Ministry) added, IUN seal added to graphics, new wedding and commitment ceremonies.

30 Dec. 2001: Several ceremonies added, several amendments to contacts section. New tri-fold brochure.

14 Dec. 2001: Revision and reorganization of the site. Several new pages added.

31 Jul. 2001: Agnostic funeral added. Linked from Ceremony page under Clergy.

22 Jul. 2001: An agnostic marriage ceremony added. Linked from Ceremony page under Clergy.

18 Jul. 2001: Clergy database program added to Bishops page. Contacts updated.

15 Jul. 2001: New marriage regulation information added. Contacts updated

08 July 2001: Contacts page updated. Ceremonial page updated with additional marriage information and links, plus Confessions section added. The revised Application to be a Bishop added to the Bishops Page. Two links added to our Sample Web Pages section. Several references to the obsolete term Supreme Patriarch found throughout and amended. Requirements for a volunteer webmaster for the CRS specified on main page.

21 Jun. 2001: Contacts page extensively revised and updates. Minor changes to this page.

15 Feb. 2001: Addition of Site Map, Minor updates to Bishops and Patriarchs sections, a new Bishop added under Contacts. ID Card application amended to reflect availability of jpeg format in addition to pdf.

07 Feb. 2001: Marriage section updated under Ceremonial. 3 new bishops added under Contacts

01 Feb. 2001: Site updated and relocated.

12 Dec. 2000: A list of current Matriarchs, Patriarchs and Bishops with a few e-mail addresses added on the new Contacts page. Marriage authority information added on the Ceremonial page.

19 Oct. 2000: New sections on Web sites (under Clergy / Preaching) and on Graphics.